Trusted Expertise

I have always been a tinkerer and an entrepreneur, exploring how things work, and then pushing them until they break - to make them better. Sometimes that was hacking into commercial aircraft or automotive manufacturer's industrial control systems (for hire of course). Other times that was "regulatory hacking" at Homeland Security and the White House, to get better policies pushed through faster to improve or enable a mission. Still other times that was "governance hacking", figuring out a better way for an organization or financial institution to manage risk and operate in a way to secure their digital assets and cyber risks.

Over the past 18 years in cybersecurity I have developed methods and methodologies to empower organizations to improve their cyber risk management program, regardless of size, maturity, complexity, and industry. I have worked with Fortune 500 firms from manufacturing to retail, from CPGs to USG, and 4 out of the top 5 financial firms. I teach these methodologies to a select few students at Carnegie Mellon's Executive CISO program one to two times a year.

Now I am making these methodologies, techniques and capabilities available to the broader market. Currently these are delivered as a risk executive or board member, a strategic advisor to the CISO, CRO, or CEO, or through executing a cybersecurity risk management program. I am offering my entrepreneurial experience, government and regulatory background, and cyber defense expertise to provide a range of services to help secure an advanced enterprises, or bring new cyber products to market.

Highlights in Brief

  • As Emergynt Co-Founder & CEO - I invented and brought to market the world’s first executive digital risk management platform to continuously monitor the enterprise so security leaders can take protective defensive actions.

  • As a Director with Promontory Financial Group - I provided Cybersecurity risk and regulatory expertise to multiple Wall Street executives, Fortune 100 corporations, and boards of directors.

  • As a Director with the White House National Security Council - I was personally recognized by the Executive Office of the President for improving the government’s operational security, leading to a more secure Federal Government.

  • As an executive with the Department of Homeland Security - I led the implementation of the department’s first information security strategy as the first Director for Cybersecurity Strategy and Chief Information Security Architect.