Cybersecurity Executive & Trusted Educator

Dr. Earl Crane, PhD, CISSP

I am a cybersecurity executive and trusted educator to public and private sector organizations, where I have a track record of success helping them to manage their strategy, risk and cybersecurity programs.

I have extensive experience in the security field, having worked at early security startups, the White House National Security Council, the financial sector and other Fortune 100s. From 2015-2018 I founded and ran Emergynt, a digital risk management platform based on my PhD research.

I can draw insights from an extensive network of CISOs - from teaching hundreds of cybersecurity experts over 18 years at Carnegie Mellon to interfacing with many leading government and banking security executives.

I provide strategic cyber risk management services, training, and education to leading CISOs and security executives. I also provide CISO-as-a-service, supporting firms looking to hire their first CISO or fill a need after a significant event.

Proven Results:

Risk Executive:

  • Risk executive-as-a-service and sourcing support leading to a full-time placement

  • Insights as a cybersecurity risk executive for multiple financial institutions, technology firms, and government agencies.

  • Creating innovative cybersecurity products and platforms from concept to market delivery for public and private sector organizations

Strategic Advisor:

  • Providing board-level cybersecurity expertise (NACD)

  • FedRAMP cloud security authorization support and insight, with expertise in Amazon Web Services

  • Trusted advisor to board executives for their Cybersecurity strategy, policy and governance

Cyber Program Execution:

  • Providing deep federal government insights and support, as a director for White House National Security Council and Homeland Security executive

  • Breach response and threat mitigation, having led responses to multiple large-scale incidents and threat management programs

  • Develop and deploy infrastructure for cyber and digital risk operations

  • Risk management, governance and compliance programs with extensive metrics, KRIs, and KPIs, with specialized expertise in banking and government