Earl is the kind of guy that, no matter whether you are having a good year or bad year, whether you are at a great spot in your organization or starting from scratch, will offer both the same high level of service, impeccable quality and genuine friendship. He has great skills and a stellar resume, but the quality that sets Earl apart is his ability to be both tenacious and loyal. In our industry, where competition and politicking breeds fair-weather friends more than all other types, this is probably the rarest of qualities - when the chips are down, you can count on Earl to have your back, whether you are a client, a colleague or just a friend.

I worked with Earl for two years at the White House and saw his rare combination of deep technical knowledge, business savvy, and great personal skills in action up close. Earl accomplishes more in a day than most people do in a week. He worked at the highest levels of government, working through each individual agency with Chief Information Officers and the Office of Management and Budget. Even after he left government he was my go-to resource for advice on Federal cybersecurity.

I have not met many people that have more passion than Earl Crane for the cybersecurity profession as a whole, and for helping people achieve their goals. He is an excellent instructor for our CISO-Executive students, teaching them not just the principles of security governance and risk management but practical hands-on application of these principles within their roles as security professionals. We are very fortunate that he is part of the CMU family!

I had the pleasure of working with Earl for several years at Promontory Financial Group. Earl is a cyber security expert and a great colleague. As you would expect from a Director, Earl provided keen insight into cyber and technology risk issues, practical guidance on governance, risk and control issues, and some killer metrics with standout dashboards. Our clients always came back for more Earl.

Great foresight, solution, and thought leader! Earl and Emergent Network Defense are building and delivering new solutions to govern cyber threats. Be sure to be an early adopter!

Earl and I met when Promontory was first developing its practice in cybersecurity and cyber-risk management. He was a new member of a company entering a new field, and he was returning to the private sector after years of public service. Almost immediately, however, he took on a central role, becoming someone that I and many others—senior and junior, colleagues and, more still, clients—could turn to for guidance and leadership. I was far from the only one to benefit from his expertise, his generosity, his mentorship, and his persistent willingness to help, regardless of the load he might be carrying.